Title & Registration Services

Title & Registration Services

For over 35 years, American Licensing has provided title and registration services to businesses, trucking companies, fleets, banks, dealers, and individuals too. If you or your company needs DMV processing, we can help! Let one of our friendly representatives take away all the headaches and hassles of the DMV. It’s quick and simple when you use our service.

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Email us or give us a call to go over the requirements and fees for your application.

We service clients throughout California and nationwide. There’s no need to come into the office if you need our services. But, if you do, there are no lines to stand in and no waiting. Since we’re licensed as a DMV authorized “Business Partner”, most transactions can be processed instantly in our office. You’ll leave our office with your new registration card, stickers, and plates (if needed).”

Looking for Commercial Registration? That’s here: Commercial Registration

If you’re a finance or leasing company, you’ll want to use our professional lien recording services for California and nationwide. We have extensive experience with many prominent national lenders that use our title services. Read more…

The services we offer…

Title & Registration

Transfer of Ownership

If you or your company has purchased a new or used vehicle, we can take care of the transfer of ownership for you in just minutes with our instant processing.

New to California or out of state title

If you’ve recently moved to California or bought a vehicle last titled in another state, we can help you get it registered in California. Remember, you only have 20 days to start this process so call us right away.


Call or email us for help on any renewal. Current or late, business or personal, it doesn’t matter. Instant Renewal is available allowing us to issue you your new registration and stickers immediately from our office.

We also offer Trucking and Business fleet renewal services. For more info about our commercial vehicle registration and title services.

Lost Plates and Documents

If your title, registration, plates, or stickers have been lost or stolen, we can get you replacements. Replacement titles will come from Sacramento but everything else can be issued instantly from our office in just minutes.

VIN Inspection

Some applications require that the VIN be physically looked at by DMV, law enforcement, or a licensed vehicle verifier (like American Licensing Services). The State of California has licensed and authorized us to perform these inspections. They can be done at our office or we can come to you if you are in the San Diego, El Centro, or Los Angeles areas.

Autos, Trucks, Boats, Trailers, OHV & More

Whatever type of vehicle needs registration or titling, we have the answers.

Sales Tax Exemptions

American Licensing offers Sales Tax Exemption services for a variety of tax exemption situations such as a gift to or from a corporation, business entity changes, mergers, trusts, and for vehicles entering California that may be exempt due to their out of state use.

If you’re a California based interstate motor carrier, you could be exempt from sales tax if you follow a few simple rules. Call us before you buy your equipment and we’ll explain what the requirements are to be legally exempt from the tax. If you are exempt, we may need to apply for an exemption certificate from the Board of Equalization.

Instant Processing

As a licensed and bonded California DMV Business Partner, American Licensing can process most applications in our office within minutes. We issue registrations, stickers, and plates just like DMV does.

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Commercial Registration

Take advantage of our 35 years of experience with commercial vehicle registration. This is our specialty and represents the biggest part of our business. We’re experts in all types of commercial registration including standard vehicle registration, interstate registration (IRP), Partial Year (PYR), Special Equipment registrations (SE Plates), Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR), and more. These services are available for all types of vehicles including Tractors (18 wheelers), trailers, cranes, service trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and any other commercial vehicle you can think of.

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Lien Recordings for Finance & Leasing

We have extensive experience with many prominent national lenders that use our title services for their processing in California and elsewhere.

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Classic cars

This is another one of our specialties. Give us a call to discuss your situation. I’m sure we can help. For those top dollar classics, we provide VIP services to ensure that your matter receives the highest level of expertise and attention. Take advantage of our experiences working with classics of substantial value.

Bonded Titles

When the title is lost and can’t be duplicated, a defective title bond may be the solution.

IRS Form 2290

Commercial vehicles operating over 55000 CGVW are required to file this return with IRS and pay the appropriate tax. We can take care of this filing for you.

CA #

Most California based trucking companies are required to obtain a CA # from CHP. Give us a call and we can determine if you need one.


If you need a CA #, you probably need a Motor Carrier Permit too.


If you’re a California based company that hires drivers, you need to get enrolled in the Pull Notice Program.

Other Services


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